How to Prepare for a Hike

1. Print and carry with you the hiking maps you receive via email to your Team Leader.
2. Some hikes may require a park or hiking pass (the hike info you receive will indicate if you need this or           not).
3. Make sure you have the proper gear: backpack, sturdy hiking shoes/boots, hiking stick.
4. Depending on the terrain and weather, you might what to wear pants or shorts, and a light pullover.                Extra clothing is wise, in case the weather changes.
5. Carry plenty of water and light food. Fruit, sandwich, and energy/granola bars work well.
6. Carry insect repellent and sun screen.
7. Don’t forget your camera or camera-equipped phone. You need it to capture the team photo that proves         your accomplishment!

Trail Rules

1. Observe trail signs, posted rules, and hours.
2. Stay on designated trail unless otherwise posted.
3. Be respectful of the environment and the surrounding vegetation.
4. Pack out all litter.
5. Park in designated parking areas and purchase park passes when required.

The 10 Hiking Essentials

There are a variety of tools and accessories that can help keep you safe, warm and comfortable.  However, there are TEN items that are an absolute must on each and every hike you take – no matter how long you intend to be gone:
1. Map
2. Compass
3. Warm Clothing: Fleece and/or Insulated Jacket, Long Pants (wool or synthetic, not cotton), Hat (wool)
4. Extra Food and Water
5. Flashlight or Headlamp
6. Matches/Firestarters
7. First Aid Kit
8. Whistle
9. Rain/Wind Jacket & Pants
10. Pocket Knife

For more information about Trek for Treasure, contact us:
United General’s Fitness Center: (360) 854-0247