Trek for Treasure Rules

  1. Six hikes are included in this year’s 12- week hiking challenge. Hikes range from easy to moderate in difficulty, gradually getting more challenging as the program progresses.
  2. Example:the first hike will be announced via email to your team leader on Friday, June 2nd. You have until June 15th to complete the hike and document that your team was successful.
  3. Teams will receive a thorough trail description for each hike, along with details about the location of the hidden container via email
  4. At the end of each hike, a container of sorts will be hidden. Inside of each container there will be a clue to the whereabouts of the lost Sasquatch. There will be a total of six clues– one clue with each hike.
  5. Teams that complete each hike within the designated two week period and abide by the rules set forth will receive their “final clue” on August 26th at 8am. The final clue is designed to be challenging and is necessary to find the location of the lost Sasquatch.
  6. Using your final clue, your team must work together to figure out the location of the lost Sasquatch.
  7. In the final container there will be certificates one through one hundred. Only the top ten teams will receive prizes and only one team will be declared the TREK FOR TREASURE CHAMPION for 2017 and take home the top prize home the treasure.

    • *As with all the hikes, your team must locate the final treasure container as a team.
  8. To Complete each hike and be eligible for the next, teams must:

    • -Find the hidden container(in two weeks, unless your team has received an extension)
    • -Take one of the clues from the container and capture a team photo to prove your accomplishment (all members must be present in the photo with the exception of honorary members).
    • -Please be careful when handling the clues and the containers. Return the clue and place the container exactly how you found it before the next team arrives.
    • -Email the photo to
    • -Each team will receive an email confirmation letting you know if you correctly completed the hike.
  9. Each team may be granted one extension for a hike during the challenge. Please contact the Fitness Center to request the extension before the deadline. Hikes that have been issued an extension must be made up prior to the deadline for the subsequent hike
  10. Teams that do not complete each challenge within the designated two-week period are not eligible to win prizes. You may still receive information for each new hike — and you are encouraged to keep hiking — but you will not receive the final clue on August 26th to locate the final treasure.


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